Autor Wątek: My first impression on Denon DJ X1800 Prime.  (Przeczytany 5794 razy)

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My first impression on Denon DJ X1800 Prime.
« dnia: 01 Sierpień 2019, 19:06:26 »
Hi all,

Got the Denon DJ X1800 Prime mixer earlier last week.

I haven't used it with Serato DJ yet, just standalone.

Denon has a beast of mixer in the X1800.

Flex Fader is great for cutting and it has tension adjust. You need to remove the fader to adjust it though. They could have made it accessible from the front of the mixer. But I have it on default settings and it's great.

On-board FX is good. Many options and has 3/4 time signature.

The color FX are cool as well.

I bought mine for £1205 from the good lads at (price matched another retailer) It will help if you read some content reviews online.

AutoBPM for analogue sources. It does a better job at calculating tempo than the SC5000 itself. E.g. some songs are wrongly analysed in Engine Prime giving a wrong BPM but the mixer tells you the correct BPM it just doesn't rely on the BPM data the players are sharing with it. You can see that when you load a track, the first BPM on the mixer is the transmitted reading but after a few beats it updates itself to the right value.

The entire prime series really comes to life when used together ie SC5000 + X1800. I wonder why this fact is not subtly pushed in their marketing and promo campaign.

It's very quick and I'm certain once the Engine Prime software matures this will be a very capable rig even for open format DJs. I did a long test yesterday at home, quick mixing open format style and it just feels like Serato. Only difference is you have to look after track autogain.

Right now Engine Prime is the weakest link.

Any questions ...shoot